Get Ready For Summer With This Hurricane Prep List

Posted: March 31, 2021
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It's never too early to "hunker down."

This hurricane prep list will have you ready for storm season.


Hurricane season. Two words that make most people cringe. It’s as if Floridians are all holding their breath from June 1st to November 30th (official hurricane season), watching the news for systems forming in the ocean.

Luckily, there are a lot of things that you can do to make sure you’re prepared if a hurricane decides to spin your way.

The key is to be prepared early so that you’re not fighting for supplies when everyone is out doing their last minute shopping before the storm. Read on to see our hurricane prep list to stay safe this hurricane season.


Hurricane Prep List *

There are certain essential supplies you should have on-hand prior to storm season. Great news for most families: it’s usually supplies you already have on hand!

It’s a good idea to keep everything in one location so you don’t have to scramble looking for everything at the last minute. Use a waterproof container and check it every year for expired or non-working items.

*This list is not exhaustive but it’s a good starting point for your box.


A generator can keep your life going (even partially) but it’s only a temporary fix.

There are also safety issues with gas-powered generators. Never use a generator inside your home or too close to open windows or doors, as this can cause a buildup of deadly CO2.


Power outages can occur at any time during (or even after) a hurricane. Keeping several battery-powered LED flashlights or lanterns on hand will ensure that you can get around your house safely if the power goes out.

AA batteries


Having extra batteries on hand is essential so you can listen to the radio, refresh those flashlights, and power up the kid’s toys if they run out. (Hurricanes can get boring when you’re stuck inside all day.)

Have a couple of power banks on hand as well. If you’re like most people, you no longer have a landline, so you’ll need a way to charge your cell phone to check on friends and relatives, take pictures of damage, or call emergency services should the situation arise.

First Aid Kit

An often overlooked item is the first aid kit. You think, “I’m inside, I’ll be fine.”

Don’t get caught unprepared! A first aid kit can help if you trip over an item in the dark, or if a window breaks and you get cut. The point is to be prepared for anything.


Water is essential during a hurricane. It’s also one of the first things to sell out in the stores so make sure you stock up early in the year (i.e. now).

Bottled water should be on everyone's hurricane prep list.

The common recommendation is one gallon per person per day. You should have enough for at least three days, if not more. This amount of water should be enough for drinking as well as brushing teeth/washing hands and other sanitation purposes.


Depending on where you live, it can get chilly at the end of hurricane season. You’ll want to make sure you can stay warm if the power goes out.


Make sure anyone who needs to take medication is able to put some in the box. Even a small amount safely tucked away will prevent you from fumbling around in the dark for those little bottles (or being so stressed out that you forget your meds).


Make sure you have enough non-perishable food to feed your entire family for three days (and don’t forget a can opener!) Canned food is great, or you could look into freeze drying your own food.

Baby bottle on highchair


If you have a young baby, don’t forget to add baby food and formula. If mom is breastfeeding, add more water to her water reserves (it’s thirsty work!). It’s also smart to include a pack of diapers and wipes. If any water reaches your regular stash, all those diapers will be unusable.

For Fido, throw in a can opener and don’t forget him when you account for the extra water. You never know when you’ll need to evacuate, so make sure you include a leash and a list of pet-friendly shelters near you. Never leave an animal behind!


Do not forget your documents. If you don’t do any of the above, please collect important documents in a waterproof container. You’ll need licenses, passports, birth certificates, the deed to your home if applicable, insurance cards, and social security cards.

Covid Preparedness

Covid-19 is hanging around for yet another hurricane season, so it’s important that your box contains some essentials for that as well.

Throw enough masks in the box to get you through a few days (in case you have to go to a disaster shelter) or if you have to come in contact with others outside of your family circle. You’ll need sanitizing wipes and hand sanitizer as well.

Hurricane evacuation route sign

Pro Tips

If you’re not sure what other things you should do to prep, read on for some pro tips right out of Central Florida. We prepare for storms each year and have professional insight on hurricane hacks.

  • Right before the hurricane hits, line your bathtub with a clean shower curtain liner and fill it with water. In the event your local water treatment plant loses power, you’ll be able to flush your toilets.

  • Turn off cell phones to save battery power until you really need it. Even a power bank will only last so long.

  • Fire up that grill! If your power goes out for longer than a day or two, you’ll want to use up the food in your fridge. So, strike a match!

  • Fill up your car a few days before the storm. Gas is another commodity that goes fast during a hurricane (like water). You don’t want to be caught with no fuel if you need to evacuate or help a friend or family member (when law enforcement says it’s safe to drive).

  • Bring in all outside items. The wind can pick up significantly during a hurricane. You don’t want your nice patio furniture to become projectiles through your window.

  • Keep a small toolkit handy. This will be helpful if you need to fix something that is exposing you to the elements. It also works if you need to shut off the water valves.



Floridians might be used to generating funny memes around hurricanes, but they’re no laughing matter. Hurricanes are unpredictable and there’s no telling when a storm will turn serious.

Following this hurricane prep list will make sure you’re prepared for any storm. If it happens to be a particularly brutal hurricane, you’ll have everything you need to keep you and yours safe.

Sometimes even being prepared is not enough. That is where Axel Works steps up to save the day.

Our team of pros can restore damage from any type of disaster, from water damage to fallen trees. We offer a number of services including roof tarping and board up services to prevent further damage from occurring. If you have an open claim with an insurance adjuster, we can work with them too. Our top priority is getting you back in your home safe and quickly.

If you have damage or want to prepare for a hurricane, contact us today so we can figure out what your home needs.

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